ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Sjaak/NL
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


 Hello Troels,
My brother in law picked them up a few weeks ago, and he is happy with the speakers.
In the attachment a few pics. of the proces. Not having a stationary tablesaw, I had an extra challenge to machine the panels in the right angles and keep it all square and parallel. A great help was to router a few mm from the top- and side panels and then make the backpanel with a tight fit. This makes gluing it together a lot easier. I routed 'keyways' for all panels, it's extra work but it pays of for a better construction. One thing that I don't do anymore is using MDF for constuctions. I thought that with the so called special quality of 22mm Medite  it would be easier to work with, but it wasn't. It's only the top layer of 2/3 mm that is of a better quality, the core is very soft. This resulted in a incredible amount of dust in my small workshop. So next time I'll invest in health (I used a dust/organic vapour mask, ear/eye protection) and spend some more money to use baltic birch. Well the whole project took about a 120 hours, but I was very content with the result. I choose to make a glued front and in order to maintaine front panel dimensions I made it in an angle, instead of the 10 mm step.
So thank you, also on behalf of my brother in law, for this rewarding project. It shows that you dont need to spend a fortune on drivers to have a good sound.
See what pic's you can use for your website.
Kind regards, Sjaak