TQWT, built by Sergio/US
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


 Hello Troels,
I have been busy! After our last email exchange discussing the Illumina 66, the reality of the TQWT hit me. See, I needed to downsize from the OBLs I built last year. Unfortunately the TQWT is on the large side for my new needs. I decided to build it anyways, as it'€™s description seemed to fit me much better.   Now with 70 hours on the clock of these new speakers, I have absolutely no doubt about the choice I made. The break in will take some time longer, but I can already hear what's in store for me! The bass is already much better than it was one week ago.
40 Watts of PP KT120 power is a perfect match for them, leaving nothing more to be desired, even in the volume department. The bass is very surprising; I was expecting a big step down from the OBLs€, there are less dynamics and punch, but they sound a little fuller in my room. The T35 option is great. I really like the added presence and detail very much. The downside is that so so recordings are portrayed as such more evidently than with the Audax tweeter/crossover.   Next will come some super caps for the Primaluna.
Again, I must thank you very much for sharing your designs. I will never buy a loudspeaker again!
Sergio USA