Semi-vintage project based on simulation.
Made by Michael, Greece

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

I just send you some photos of the implementation of the speakers. Well the result is beyond my expectations!! The speakers are really sounds nice, very quick and clear! I want to thank you for you help and guidelines!!

Troels Gravesen:
Some 12 years ago I investigated the Philips dome AD 0160/T8 tweeter to see and hear if this tweeter, according to me and a friend's prejudice, really was the world's worst dome tweeter, because back in the Seventies, this tweeter was used - and misused - in countless commercial speakers.
It turned out Philips hadn't done such a bad job after all and just for fun, I made a simulation of a 2-way floorstander with SEAS CA18RLY + said tweeter. Never thought anyone would actually use it.
A great corona-lockdown-fun project.
Thanks, Michael, for reporting back!