ScasnSpeak Discovery-861, built by Mogens, Denmark
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

My goal is to build a hifi system that plays real music without breaking the bank. I like the 300B SET tube sound, so I need a speaker that is easy to drive…. I decided on the ScanSpeak Discovery 861 level 1.
Built in 20 mm MDF covering sides and top with Bamboo veneer. For the speaker baffle and the base plate I used IKEA cutting boards in Bamboo (hard, cheap and easy to cut…). The only change I made was to mount the crossover on a big removable MDF plate on the back. 
I have listened to it for 2½ months.
I have a small listening room so I was afraid I would have too much bass. But that is not the case.. The port firing downwards connects perfectly with the room and plays a very nice warm and accurate bass going as deep as my room allows.
The 6 inch plays so smooth and open and connects perfectly to the tweeter.  And yes, it plays music, most of the time I stop analysing and just enjoying…. 
I really like the tweeter because it is just a part of the sound as a hole, without attracting special attention.
I have tested it with a 300B SET amp, and a 15 watt class A amp both brings the speaker to life… and playing loud enough in my room. I also tried my old The End millennium which has never worked with my speakers, but with the 861 waooo, big soundstage, tight bass and able to play very very loud...
The price for those drivers is a bargain, and I think Troels has done a fantastic job creating a speaker that just sounds right… in my ears anyway. And that for less than 1000 euros incl. wood - and those very nice Soundcare® SuperSpikes