Ekta mkII, built by Linus
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Thank you for the opportunity to build my own speakers with a kit and design ready to go.I appreciate you took the time to answer questions along the project. This is my first build and it required more recourses in terms of skill and tools than I expected. I am happy to report the end result is a success.
The tweeter Alumen Z-Cap was changed to the superior Amber with great results. The immediate difference in sound was like listening to high frequency without hearing the tweeter. The Ekta MkII sound suits me well. I previously owned Dyn@udio f0cus 140. I get a great meaty, agile and clean music presentation in my smallish 4x4m room when placing them 1,5m into the room. Verbs I associate with my electronics witch shows the speakers ability to present what they are given. I do believe the soundstage is smaller compared to the focus 140, but the quality is greater. I use DSP to smooth out base nodes but the quantity of bass is just right for me. Since my room is more or less rectangular, I do need DSP to be satisfied without filling the room with bass traps.
Wish you best of luck with future projects
Kind regards