FUSION, built by Mark, Australia

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels.
I have finished my fusion speakers last week. I have followed the design closely and the front panel and driver arrangment exactly. The only changes are the panels being 25mm in thickness, the 50mm plinth was added to the cabinet hight and volume, and no Hypex fusion amp compartment. I have chosen to not make the outer skin as you did and have veneered in Tasmanian Black heart sassafras. The black lines in the wood are caused by a fungus that grows in the tree. 

I have spent a long time looking at the speaker designs on your site and this one just ticked all my boxes. Simple construction, large bass driver, fairly simple crossover and quality drivers. The last speaker i built was your sp95 around 10 years ago! So as you can imagine this is quite an upgrade.

It did not take me long to build once the components arrived due to my impatience and being on a mid year university break! Especially when you know the sound is there, in the parts, and you just have to put it together.

As for the sound, WOW! They are absolutely amazing! They sound really good in my room, i was worried about there being too much bass but no, it is really easily controlled by moving them back and forth away from the wall. I am using them with an Audiolab MDAC and a Hypex amp with Ucd180 HG + HXR for both the MT section and the Bass section. 4 x modules for these speakers. They have exceeded my expectations.

I would never be able to purchase anything of this caliber if i had to pay retail price, so for this i thank you greatly. These should last me at least another 10 years. So until then, i shall enjoy.
I have attached some pictures so please feel free to share any of this on your website. 
Many thanks,