Faital-3WC-10, built by Reto
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels!!
I finished the speakers And i love them!!! Just awesome!! I will sell my subwoofer. I just have to build speaker stands. Many many thanks!
Here a picture. Will write a review in the future :)


Many thanks again for the amazing speaker design of the Faital 3WC-10.
I finally got my stands and the speakers look amazing!
I would like to buy a Hegel Amplifier. I‘m especially interested in the H390. The H390 has more than enough power. Do you think this can damage a speaker? I wont listen very loud btw. But my Naim Atom has only 40Watt and I tried another amp with 120watt and the bass is so much more refined and dryer with more strength. Very nice!
Do you think de Hegel H390 with 2x 250watt in to 8Ohm is unhealthy for the faital 3wc?
Many thanks!
Have a great day!