Faital 3WC-15, built by Aris

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
Today I finished the main build of the 3WC-15. I will probably paint them over the next week or two. See attached. The orange is because I used orange electrical conduit for the BR ports. Works I think. 

They sound great.  I also have a pair of PMC MB2se and I dare say that the 3WC-15’s are very much more enjoyable for my kind of music - natural instruments and voice not doof-doof techno. And even with low bass electronica the 3WC-15’s present really well. I’m running with an Octave valve amp and pre and that is a great combination at only 150w. I may go with a separate Hypex etc for the bass at some point. 

Thank you again. 
Kind regards,