Faital 3WC-15, Gavin's review

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Gavin bought my Faital 3WC-15s, and here's his comments:

"I recently had the chance to purchase a pair of Faital 3WC-15 directly from Troels.  The woodwork and craftmanship was impeccable.  I have been trying to simplify my speaker setup, moving from a 6 channel DSP controlled actively powered speaker, to a simple two way.  What was immediately apparent to me is the resolving power of the 3WC-15, it was more detailed than my other speakers - this shows that a traditional well specified and designed crossover can 'get out of the way'.  I no longer think there is much argument between a traditional crossover or DSP, both can work well.
I tried the speaker with an EAR861, which sounded good, but the soundstage opened up significantly when driving it with a Purifi 1ET400A amplifier (set to low gain).  I really recommend this combination.  The soundstage is relatively wide for a speaker of this design, but somewhat narrow vertically.  I had wondered if this is due to baffle diffraction because of the mid-woofer being located so close to the top of the speaker enclosure.  Perhaps extending the top of a cabinet a little may provide some extra soundstage height.
I also tried these 3WC-15 against a pair of Wilson Watt/Puppys, they had a wider soundstage, but I preferred the Troels 3WC-15 as it was more more open, natural and dynamic.  Tonal quality on the 3WC-15 is extremely good.
I also tried this speaker against a pair of Spendor D7.2.  The 3WC-15 is in the high end league - no comparison."
Gavin, UK