Faital 3WC-15, built by Hugh, Australia

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,

I've just finished your Faital 3wc 15" speakers after 9.5 weeks, being my first build there was a quite a bit more involved in building a couple of boxes than I'd anticipated.  Still i enjoyed it very much, though by the end i was feeling pretty tired of building speakers, as was my wife tired of seeing me disappear each evening to work on them.  I'm very happy with the results.  
So far i have only listened to them briefly, i need to move them into a proper listening position and lift off the floor (will try on stands, and then install 70mm tall castors which i have pre drilled for - then see if any reduction in sound quality on castors before i decide whether to use stands or wheels), I can already say they sound excellent.  Can i ask do you listen to your TL2's on the wheeled platforms i can see them on, or do you remove them for listening and only use the platforms to move them in and out of the storage room?
Thank you for designing these larger efficient 3 ways, I have watched your site for many years, and have been wanting to build some of your speakers.  Seeing a larger dynamic package that would not require significant investment in improved amplification sold me, along with Covid limiting our travel/holiday options.  My 100w Yamaha stereo amplifier powers these to extremely loud levels (i have not gone close to their maximum undistorted volume, and they have been played far too loud for an apartment block already), already from my limited listening i'm receiving a lot more information from the recordings, the space in the recording room/area is much more apparent.  Drums, guitars and voices all sound amazing, and only after less than an hour.  What will they sound like once they've had another 30hrs play time!
I built grill frames too, my youngest (4yrs) had an elbow resting on the mid driver within a few minutes of showing my family the finished product, no damage done, but grills will be on when they make it back to my living room (i used a relative's apartment to finish the speakers, they are living elsewhere at present).  I was suggested to use fly wire to hold the grill cloth, and routed a 5mm channel to hold it, it was a very easy solution, much more so i think than glue or staples.
I used a free website called Cut List Optimizer to plan the cuts, it's quite good, you program in what size you need to cut, and which way the grain faces etc, and what size boards you have and it will plot the cuts with the least amount of wastage.
I used a black wood grain vinyl to cover the cabinets, and a barn door red dye for the front baffles, and black primer for the rears, with a brush on then wipe on polyurethane to finish the baffles.  I must say the wipe on poly was a revelation, it allows for so much more even application and gloss.
Thank you for your prompt replies to all my queries.  I'll send you an update once i've put 50-100hrs on the speakers.  Photos attached.
Kind Regards, Hugh.


Hi Troels,
I’ve probably put over 100hours into the speakers now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with them.  As they ran in they became more and more melodic at all listening levels.
The bass coming out of these is astonishing, and astonishingly addictive.  I think I’d never heard bass before. 
The speakers definitely react positively to more grip from amplification on the woofers, I’ve tried several amps from 40-150w, and while the bass remains deep and melodic with all, I found the stronger amps to provide a significantly improved bottom end for resolution and tightness.
Thank you for your design, I feel like I’m at a concert whenever I listen to a live recording.  I’m spending much more time listening to music now than I ever have.  Fantastic!

I think to quote you “all speakers should start with a 15” woofer” (delete this if my memory is incorrect), I can only say the dynamics of the bass make me wholeheartedly agree.  
I keep saying to people “you don’t know what you don’t know”, and in the case of these speakers I had hoped to experience higher fidelity listening at home, but I simply had no idea what this could mean.  Simply put the speakers are phenomenal!

As I was completing my build, I noticed the TL3 designs on your website and momentarily lamented that I may have chosen these over the 3wc option had they been there when I purchased the kit, however I would not give up any of the dynamics these 3wc provide for increased low end extension, I simply wouldn’t need it and would miss what the drivers do in this design.  Very happy customer.  

I’m gushing, will stop there.   Thanks again for all your help.  

Kind regards, Hugh.