Jenzen Accu, built by Björn, Sweden
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hej Troels,
Så, då är jag färdig! Känner mig mycket nöjd både med bygget och ljudåtergivningen! Framför allt, enorm respons från basen vid höga ljudtryck! Upplösningen kanske inte riktigt i klass med mina tidigare Quad ESL-2805, men i gengäld går Accu att spela betydligt starkare med och tycks aldrig ge upp. Driver med Bryston 4B-SST2 (2x300w) vilket är en utmärkt kombination!  
Har försökt skriva en text på engelska, du får gärna justera den om du vill. Skickar också med bilder från bygget. Stort tack!
Björn Jägerstedt

Hi Troels!
 Here is finally my version of your Jenzen Accu mkII.
Some small(?) differences in the baffle design, just to fit into my curved cabinet. The cavities for midrange and bass is vented (netto 17 and 66 liters), crossover filter placed behind tweeter with an opening on rear side. Curved sides made of 3 pieces 9mm bendable plywood. Cabinet tilted 2 degrees (tweeter and midrange baffle vertical) Veneer “Decoflex” flexible with paper backside.
Some years ago I built your “Ekta”, see my comments here:  very good speakers for medium sized rooms!
Got then an offer of a second hand Quad ESL-2805 pair, which I couldn’t resist. Great speakers for acoustic music! Unfortunately my living room were to big for the 2805, couldn’t play as loud as wanted. Also had a lot of trouble with broken panels (China produced with bad quality), sold the Quads and searched for a larger speaker, liked the sound of ceramic speakers like Marten.
Decided to make a try to build the Jenzen Accu with similar look as my Ekta, since they were really appreciated by my wife (and not least by myself!).
Result you can see below.
And I must say, we are very impressed of the sound.
Take as an example, Mussorgsky Pictures at an exhibition No IX (“The hut on chicken´s leg”) and No X” (Deutsche grammophon 437 531-2) You can play really loud with enormous dynamic and without significant distortion (of course you need an amp..).
Peder af Ugglas “Beyond” (Opus3 SACD)
Andreas Vollenweider
EST “Seven days of falling”
This is just to give you some examples of music I like together with Accu.
Troels, thank you very much for a superb design!