ScanSpeak MUN-17, built by Robert

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Hello Troels,
The last half year I have been working on my ScanSpeak MUN17-3W version. Since a couple of weeks I have the "rough" version ready (without the veneer, painting/spraying and anodising of the aluminium panels). After some 40 hours of playing time I can agree with you that the transparency of the mid/treble range is very, very good. The information you gave on the bass is limited. My experience with the bass is that this is also very, very good. The very first listening impression with the speakers was that nothing attracted attention. You could describe the feeling as "is this it?". But soon after you noticed all the details the speakers revealed. Again in short, very, very good.

I have added some pictures of the speakers and my setup in the living room. As you can see on the right side I have to deal with a corner. This was one of the reasons to select the MUN17-3W. After the initial listening I have done some fine tuning (toe in for the speakers, DSP for the bass and changing the R1 resistor for the tweeter from 3,9 ohm to 2,7 ohm). I have also added some pictures of REW measurements:
My impression with the 3,9 ohm resistor was that the sound was "polite". The 2,7 ohm resistor was better, more realistic. I am wondering if an even lower value for this R1 resistor would be advisable? If so, what kind of value would you suggest to try? For your information, I made my own cabling of Neotech UP-OCC copper wiring. The total wire thickness to the mid is approximately 4,2 mm2 and to the tweeter approximately 2,1 mm2. This perhaps could explain a bit of the differences with your measurements on the website.
Looking forward to your answer and of course any other suggestions and advice.
Kind regards


Hello Troels
It has been almost a year that I have my ScanSpeak MUN17-3W. It turned out that these new speakers were much more revealing that my old speakers. I have spend a lot of time and effort in upgrading my installation to do these new speakers justice. As a result the resistor for the tweeter is now in the range you specified. It also took some time and effort to get to grips with the Hypex DSP for the woofer. A lot can be gained by proper adjusting the DSP. I have listened to a considerable number of speakers, but this ScanSpeak MUN17-3W is absolutely fabulous in neutrality and transparency. This is also the comment from people visiting me. The speaker is compact, but delivers to a little below 30 Hz. So a proper full range speaker.