Nomex 164, built by Giuseppe

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I hope you all are fine.
I finished my project couple of months ago and I want to thank you for all the tips and help.
I believe the speakers deserve a better amp than the one I have (Yamaha as501) They sound very smooth with a very good bass. My room is not big enough for this speakers and I knew it before making it but this is fine cause I want to keep them for long time and probably for a bigger room.
My question is:
Could you recommend me an amp that could match this pair of speakers?
My budget probably is around £1500  (DKK 8000)
(Hegel H90 I heard is a pretty good amp)
Probably from your experience or from some feedback from other people who built them you can help me to find the right match. I have attached some pictures if you want to share them on your website.
Have a lovely day.