Peerless HDS PPB 830860 + ScanSpeak D2604/830000
Copyright 2009 Troels Gravesen


Download driver data files: 830860, D2604/830000

The excellent sandwich cones of previous HDS134 drivers (850488) are long time gone and it's time for making a substitute for this construction, thus the HDS-PPB version (838060) has been set up with ScanSpeak D2604/830000 tweeter.
Most small 5" drivers have relatively high Fs and I was curious to hear what this driver could make from ~8 liter cabinet volume and a port tuning of 55-60 Hz. Well, as if often the case we may be surprised from the bass performance of mini speakers and this PPB driver is no exception.
What came as an even better surprise was the quality of the midrange. Smooth, clean and very tolerable towards vocals. No nasty cone break-ups, thus I made cumulative spectral decay measurements as can be viewed below. This driver would do excellent too in a 3-way system.
For a low-cost mini, this speaker is highly recommended. The DX tweeter response may look a bit uneven, but nothing noticeable at all when it comes to sound. The XT provides smoother response - at higher cost, so take your pick. Some people love the XT, some don't. I think this has to do with the somewhat different dispersion characteristics of the XT.

The Crossover

LspCAD simulation and predicted response. Actually there were no changes to this during crossover fine-tuning.



Left: Frequency response of driver in cabinet. Right: Impedance of drivers in cabinet.

Left: SPL 2.8V/1 meter. System sensitivity = 85 dB/2.8 volts.
Right: Impedance of final system, 5 ohms minimum.

Left: Tweeter attenuation: Red: R1011 = 3R3, blue = 4R7. Right: Reverse tweeter polarity.

Left: CSD, 20 dB. Right: CSD, 40 dB, DX-version.

XT25TG version

Measurements ring-radiator version

Left: T
Right: SPL, 1 meter, 2.8 volts.
Right: Tweeter attenuation: R1011 = 1.0, 2.2, 3.3 ohms. Tune to personal taste.

Crossover Kit

Crossover kit available from Jantzen Audio:
Kit only available for both tweeter options (it will only cost you 2 EUR extra)

All kit and component prices may be subject to change and are always to be confirmed by Jantzen Audio Denmark.