QUATTRO mkII, built by Pieter/Belgium
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I have build the Quattro MKII with seas tc35002 some months ago. They sound very good. I compared it to my previous build, the ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC.
The quattro sound much more detailed (especially in the highs), very revealing to system components and to recordings. Good recordings sound breathtaking, but unforgiving to bad recordings. I also had to upgrade my system because they sounded veiled with it (my 3WC discovery did not reveal it), I am now using a hypex ncore amplifier with digital input (actually 2 x hypex fusion fa122 in a wooden box used as amplifier, not pretty looking but it delivers), it is fed by a humble Bluesound node 2 with coax, sounds very transparent.
The quattro also have good bass, it delivers good bass, but only when there is bass.
They also look very good. I used butt joints, it worked perfect. I build a removable panel for the crossover, I set the treble level on 5R6, it sounds the most natural.
They ended up 25kg/each.
Thanks for making the design.
Kind regards