SBA-741, built by Lars

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels
First of all I want to thank you for developing this SBA-741. 
I chose the ones with the finest crossovers with Jantzen Alumen z-cap, and l will never regret that. I know that you do not recommend front firing woofer with this, but l did it anyway. l like the idea with front woofer and front port. I used the SB Acoustics Satori wo24p-8 for this to match up the other elements. I run the woofers with a Hypex FA502 with remote control.

The cabinets is built in 21 mm Baltic birch, and the baffle is 31 mm MDF. I used the space in the bottom to fill it up with sand, l also welded a frame for the bottom and filled that to with sand. My floor is very resonant at the moment so l did this to eliminate vibrations and boomy bass. I painted the cabinets with 5 layers of boat varnish. The baffles l spray painted with 6 layers matte black and 2 layers matte clear spray lacquer. 
I made this in my basement and l believe it took me around 140 hours or so, l was very meticulous with this build. 
Now to the result: WOW!! This speakers sounds truly amazing. I could not be happier with them. The sound is so clear, detailed and dynamic with astonishing amount of bass power, much more than l need in my room. It is so much bass in my room so l had to  plug the front port and reduce the volume in the bass enclosure with extra sandbags in the bottom. 
Everyone that has listened to them is very impressed by their sound quality.
This is my first real speaker build, except for subwoofers earlier back then. 
Kind regards