SBA-761, built by Hein
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I've finished the project and must say I'm really happy with the result! The speakers look fantastic in our living room and we couldn't be more pleased with the sound: they sound so natural and full-bodied and they deliver music with a lot of ease, it's amazing. Bass performance is deep and without effort. I did have to take your advice to stuff the lower bass port to cure our room problem.
The building process was rather straightforward and with a few tips from your side was carried out without problems. We used 21mm Russian Birch Plywood throughout. Furthermore, we added 4mm bitumen at the inner panels except the front panel, and increased the depth of the speaker slightly to compensate.
I had great help from a friend who took the time and effort to help me with the wood crafting: without him I would not have pulled it off.
Thank you for making this and similar projects possible and for your work designing speakers like this one. To anyone doubting if it's worthwhile: I can only recommend building this design. Not only is the process more than satisfying, the result is even more so!
Attached you'll find some pictures of the building process and the end result.
Best regards,