SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Malcolm, UK

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
After several months of sporadic evenings spent in my garage, I have finally finished the SBA 761’s and I am thoroughly over the moon with them.  I had trouble finding 20mm b/bb grade Baltic birch plywood locally in the UK and in the end had to settle on 24mm, but following your advice I maintained the front panel dimensions and increased the depth on the back to maintain the specified volumes. Front panels were of 20mm Valcromat which I recessed into the main cabinet panels to give them a thinner profile when viewed from the side. I tried lacquering the fronts at first but I couldn’t get a finish I was happy with so I ended up paying for them to be sprayed.
I chose the 761’s to go with a low powered 6CY7 valve amp I built using schematics created by Matt at Cascade Tubes. The  amp puts out around 1.3 watts per channel into 8ohms so I needed an easy load and something more sensitive that the current bookshelf speakers I had been using. I have now listened to around 10hours of music and although they still need more time before they are at their best, I am already completely smitten by them. My little amp has no trouble driving them and they sound wonderful. 
Thank you for all your wonderfully detailed instructions, tips and ideas, you have made the whole project possible.