SBAcoustics, SBA-861-PFCR, built by JD
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
As owner of a pair Dynaudio C1s, and previously B&W 804s plus other hi-end brands, I just wanted to share some feedback on my experience with my recently built SBA-861-PCR (free time among 2 months) and overall sound performance.
In a few words, I can say the SBA-861-PFCR speakers provide a great amount of value and certainly compete or exceed the performance of some well regarded hi-end brand speakers I’ve experienced in the past. The SBAs provide (to my ears) an outstanding mid-range with what I would summarizes as well balanced presentation of whatever music genre you throw at them.
As for the build, it was a great experience and only wish I had the sense & means to pursue the world of DIY audio. It probably would of saved me a good amount or not of money, but there is something to be said about listening/experiencing some of these hi-end speaker brands which has educated me what to listen for.
Since the DIY audio bug has bitten me, I’ve build a couple other projects and currently pursing in building a pair of end-all pair speakers (looking at the Loudspeakers 2 & other plans), but not sure which direction I will go yet.
With all that said, I’ve attached a few pics from my build and end results.
Thanks for the great build,