SBAcoustics SBA-941, built by Rob, Australia

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels.

For years I have been wanting to make myself a set of speakers and I have always loved your 3WC designs. I am from Melbourne, Australia where we have recently come out of quite a strict four-month-long Covid lockdown. Fortunately it gave me some time to embark on building a set of 3WC for myself, and as a result I am now the proud owner of a shiny new pair of SBA-941s!

I did my best to keep with your original specifications while also trying to apply my own aesthetic using a stacked-plywood approach to build the cabinets. I think that the only real difference in terms of measurements is the 25mm radius on the outer edges, and a slight depth increase (to ensure the internal volume worked out to be the same given my plywood layers result in a thickness of 25mm as opposed to 20mm in your design). Each speaker works out to be about 20 layers of 18mm Birch ply. They are aligned with dowels and screwed & glued into the prior layer. I originally wanted to have completely solid rear panels but I quickly realised this wasn't going to happen once I saw the size of the crossover components! The front and the rear are veneered with Tasmanian Oak. The finish is Danish oil (quite a lot of Danish oil). I have also made a set of stands out of scrap MDF which work out around 500mm high. 
I think they are well and truly broken in as I have been listening to them most days as I work, then cranking them up a bit on the weekends. In terms of sound, the only real comparison I have are my Canton Ergo 603s, but I couldn't be happier with the SBAs. I think your comment "dynamic deep bass, smooth and transparent midrange and silky treble" is a fitting description. 
I've added some photos below. Please feel free to add this to the Builders page (I love reading through everyone's projects). 
Cheers, Rob.