The Loudspeaker, TL-2, built by Gordon, UK

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels
I hope you are well and remain virus free. I have finally finished my build of the Loudspeaker 2. 
I've made 7 of your designs previously and after completing a pair of Illuminator 4's I thought that was it, after all you can only fit so many speakers in your home and the excess have to be given away or sold. That was until early March when I was browsing your site and came across the Loudspeaker 2.................. 'the very, very best....'. Mmmm, I thought I'd better build a pair!
So, after over a month in my shed followed by a three week wait for the 18 Sound drivers to come from Italy, I finished them on Monday 1st June. I used MDF and veneered them with 1.5mm  and 2.5mm thick white oak veneer. The front panel is edged with solid white oak and the front panel joints covered with a 5mm wide inlay (bought from a marquetry supplier). It was a bit of a challenge moving the boxes as they got bigger but I managed ok.
You can imagine the anticipation when it came to powering them up. Then the let down when I discovered one of the horns was silent! I spent 2 hours thoroughly checking the crossover and couldn't find any fault (I had checked it thoroughly after completing it). Eventually, I realised I had the tweeter and horn cross wired. Back to the power switch........
I don't really know how to describe the sound  The word that comes to mind is BIG. Everything about them is big: size, weight, fabulous soundstage, detail, dynamics, depth. You know the saying, BIG is BEAUTIFUL! It certainly is here. They make me feel like I must 'shut up, sit and listen'.
I've probably said enough. As you can tell I  like them a lot. I daresay they will improve as they get some hours on the clock, I can already hear them getting smoother. 
Thanks for the design work you do, I really appreciate it.