The Loudspeaker 2, built by Mark

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels

I finished the TL-2 speakers (Level 2 with Hypex)  and they are Great!  They are constructed exactly as you designed them using the same materials with the exception of finish--I chose Cherry Veneer with a walnut inlay.  The Ribbon tweeter stands and wheels are just temporary--I will build better versions later this summer.
I will take better pictures and provide comments when I finish "tweaking" their placement.
I do have one question that I hope you can help with.  The sound is a bit bright after about 100 hours of break-in.  I use a lot of sound treatment in the room to help tame the bass and deal with first reflection points, but no matter how I position the speakers (distance to listening chair, toe-in etc.) they are still bright on a lot of recordings.  At first I thought it was the preamp tubes (McIntosh c2500 preamp, McIntosh C402 ss power amp) and after rolling different brands the Mullard 12ax7 seems to be the best fit but the sound is still bright. 
Does it make sense to use an L-Pad to attenuate the horn and/or ribbon tweeter?  Do you have a preferred solution?  
I was thinking this one may may work but I don't want to ruin an already great design!
Any help you can provide is most appreciated.
Many Thanks for all you do--This has been a Fantastic experience and I'm already thinking of building another one of your designs--Maybe the ellipticor X when it comes out!
Mark Pollack


Hello Mark:
Thanks for pics and comments. I suggest installing an attenuator for the horn the way shown under the TL-1 file. Scroll down to find this:

I don't suggest any attenuator for the super-tweeter.