The Loudspeaker-2, built by Noam
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels 
Yet again I am writing with gratitude to you.
I am currently building too pairs of TL2. One will be delivered to England for someone who already built the TL2 yet wishes for a better cabinet.  The other one is for myself.
The one I am keeping is not yet finished from the aesthetic point of view... but they already sing magnificently... that is until I decided what finish they will have. 
They are such a phenomenal speakers that I'm contemplating to get them somehow to Munich,  to show of your work. Would it be possible? Could it be done? I trust them to compete with anything else on the show.  And I trust myself to deliver a beautiful cabinet work (photos included).
I haven't decided whatever full blown veneer work like the work of The Living Voice-Vox Olympian or color will do. 
Thank you for this speaker.  This speaker makes hifi speakers irrelevant.
All the best

PS: Listening to your TL2 using line Magnetic 38watt..... a bliss, a masterpiece.

Dec 22:
Hey dear Troels 
I am sitting here listening to the TL2...  they are throwing the best deepest soundstage I've heard to date, completely disappearing as sound source... realistic dynamics at both ends of the spectrum... voices and instruments sound immediate and real... 
The question is, what now??? I am too young to settle   
Who would have thought that the answer to my search would be in century old, high sensitivity,  paper cones loudspeaker building technique!
Please do tell if you are going to make a living voice vox olympian some day , I will be all on it!
Best regards 


June 23
Dear Troels 
My love affair with the TL2 is going stronger by the day!  
If I may return a favor... please consider trying the Iso Puck (the black ones) on your creation. I have inserted 4 of those between mid cabinet and bass cabinet and it brought ridiculous amount of improvements to the soundstage.  I never realized that this can unlock a bottleneck! 
Yours truly