The Loudspeaker-2, built by Noam
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels 
Yet again I am writing with gratitude to you.
I am currently building too pairs of TL2. One will be delivered to England for someone who already built the TL2 yet wishes for a better cabinet.  The other one is for myself.
The one I am keeping is not yet finished from the aesthetic point of view... but they already sing magnificently... that is until I decided what finish they will have. 
They are such a phenomenal speakers that I'm contemplating to get them somehow to Munich,  to show of your work. Would it be possible? Could it be done? I trust them to compete with anything else on the show.  And I trust myself to deliver a beautiful cabinet work (photos included).
I haven't decided whatever full blown veneer work like the work of The Living Voice-Vox Olympian or color will do. 
Thank you for this speaker.  This speaker makes hifi speakers irrelevant.
All the best

PS: Listening to your TL2 using line Magnetic 38watt..... a bliss, a masterpiece.