ScanSpeak Jensen-1071, built by Jaroslaw
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Hello, I am the owner of the Jensen 1071 project made according to Bob's housing modification.  I am very satisfied with the sound, but I know that in the meantime Scan Speak introduced new midrange drivers.  The question is, would you consider replacing the 18W/8531G00 with another transducer?  What changes to the crossover would need to be made?
Greetings Jarosław, Poland



Hello Jaroslaw,
Looks great – and good to see some of the old constructions still doing well.
The 18M/8631T00 is the new midrange driver and I can only do simulation based on the 18M response from the FUSION speaker, so what’s below may not be correct.



On paper this looks good, what whether it will be an improvement on sound is a good question. My Jensen speakers are long gone, so I can’t try it out. If you’re happy with what you have, don’t change.
Best regards
Troels Gravesen